Our passion is crafting fishing films that tell a story and create an emotional connection with the viewer, so people come back to the films again and again. They are designed to motivate people from their heart and soul.  This isn’t another ‘go here, and use this bait to catch this fish’ video.  We take the viewer into the experience of being there on a crisp morning, with the sun hitting the water, and line screaming off the reel. We utilize cinema grade cameras, aerial filming from FAA licensed operators, customized underwater housings and motion controlled 3-axis timelapse equipment used on IMAX films – to bring the adventure and excitement of the chase to you.

We are passionate about conservation of our rivers, lakes and oceans, and believe that we have to foster respect and reverence for the magnificent fish we pursue. We support groups like Captains for Clean Water – that fight to protect these important natural resources, and keep fish stocks and waterways healthy for future generations.